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By choosing to book with Blue Mosaic, you agree to the following general terms and conditions. Specific terms and conditions may also apply as part of an offer. Please take adequate time reading and understanding them before proceeding with payment. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us.


In these Booking Terms & Conditions:


When you book a villa with us, a deposit of 40 % of the total amount (including villa rental, any additional services and applicable fees) must be paid, unless otherwise agreed with us. If your arrival date falls within forty five (45) calendar days, then the full amount shall be due at the time of the booking.

When you make a booking you are confirming that you understand and have accepted all our terms and conditions, including any specific ones, on behalf of yourself and all members of your party. A contract will be made once we have received, accepted and confirmed your payment. A confirmation invoice will be issued by us.

The Company has the right to refuse to accept any bookings at the Company’s discretion, without necessarily specifying a reason.


The balance of the full payment must be paid at least forty five (45) calendar days before your arrival. If the balance is not received by us by the due date, we shall be entitled to cancel the booking without prejudice to our claim for cancellation charges and to retain the deposit.


We reserve the right to increase or decrease our prices any time prior to your booking and you will be informed of the up to date price in our offer to you. All charges that make up the total price specified in our booking invoice shall be offered in Euro (€) currency, unless otherwise agreed with us.


It is agreed that should you wish to cancel all or any part of your booking, or that the booking is cancelled by us due to non-payment, then we shall be entitled to the following percentage of the total invoiced cost:  forty six (46) calendar days or more before arrival, 40 % (non-refundable deposit); forty five (45) calendar days before arrival 100 % (deposit & balance). All cancellations must be sent to us in writing, either by post, email or fax and signed by the signatory of the booking form. Cancellation applies only from the date of receipt by the Company of the cancellation notification. Any damages security deposit that has been paid to us will be fully refunded.

The above cancellation charges represent a reasonable estimate by the Company of the likely losses resulting from your cancellation. Cancellation charges also apply to partial cancellations (e.g. where a Client books for two weeks but amends to one week. In this case, cancellation charges would apply to the second cancelled week).

We would strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance, which provides cover against loss of deposit or cancellation charges.


Although it is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements, it could occasionally happen and we will ensure that we act promptly and will endeavour to notify you as soon as reasonably possible. If for any reason beyond our control, we are unable to provide you with the property you have booked, we reserve the right to transfer to a similar or better property. However, if this is not possible or you do not wish to be transferred, we will cancel the booking and refund the amount paid to us for the property, but we will not be liable for any cancellation charges for travel arrangements.

The Company has the right to cancel a Client’s booking in the following circumstances:

  1. a)  At any time owing to Force Majeure, in which case the Company shall offer if available, either alternative arrangements of a similar standard or refund all monies paid by the Client in respect of the arrangements showing on the Company’s booking invoice within 14 days.
  2. b)  At the due date if the Client has failed to pay the full balance of the invoice in accordance with Booking Condition No. 3, in which case cancellation charges as per Booking Condition No. 5 will apply.
  3. c)   At any time, in the Company’s discretion, in which case the Company shall make the offer or refund as mentioned in paragraph (a) above.

For weekly rates, minimum stay is two (2) weeks during high or peak season and one (1) week for all other periods. Exceptions may be allowed depending on the property and availability. Surcharges may apply. For daily rates, minimum stay is four (4) nights, unless specified otherwise.


Only those persons stipulated on the booking form may use the property. The number of guests must not exceed the maximum number indicated in the booking form. Should we or anyone acting on our behalf or the key holder, become aware of more persons than those stated on the booking form, we will be entitled to ask the clients to vacate the property and / or submit supplementary charges.


It is a condition of booking that your party is covered by comprehensive travel insurance, including coverage against cancellations and personal injury or death. The appropriate coverage should be purchased at the time of the booking. Your acceptance of the booking terms and conditions confirms that you are covered by such insurance. The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept bookings from clients who are not adequately insured against holiday risks and may request evidence of adequate insurance.


Arrivals and departures are on Saturdays only, unless agreed differently at the  time of booking. Check-in time is normally from 3pm to 10pm local time. Check-out time is normally before 11am local time. In case of flight delays or inconvenience while travelling, clients should contact us at the earliest. We cannot guarantee early check-ins or late checkouts unless confirmed by us in advance.


A damages security deposit as stated in the booking form is payable seven (7) calendar days before arrival, unless otherwise specified in our offer, to cover during your stay the cost of any damages / losses to the property or its contents. The amount if fully refundable no later than ten (10) calendar days from your departure, provided that:

  1. a) no damages / losses to the property or its contents have been identified at the time of your check-out;
  2. b) we have received from you full bank account details, including account name, bank name, IBAN code (or equivalent for non-EU  countries) and BIC code.

We have visited and checked each property. The descriptions displayed on our website and other promotional / marketing media are accurate and made in good faith. However, we decline all responsibility for any modifications or alterations made to the property and its contents by the owners without our knowledge. We also do not accept any responsibility for the shortage of water supply, gas or electricity and loss of internet connection, nor for the breakdown of the swimming pool filtration system. In addition, property owners do not bear any responsibility for the shortage of water supply, gas or electricity and loss of internet connection, for reasons that are beyond the legal boundaries of their property. We will do our very best to assist you and solve these problems as soon as possible.

If you have any problem during your stay, which cannot be satisfied by dealing directly with the property key holder, you should contact us immediately. It is impossible for us to help you to claim compensation from the owner if you do not contact us during your stay. It is unreasonable to take no action whilst staying at the property but to write a letter of complaint on return. Complaints lodged at the end of the rental period will not be taken into consideration. Clients who decide to leave the property earlier without our knowledge, lose all rights to any eventual refund or rebate.


The client signing the booking form is responsible for the correct and decent behavior of his / her party. You are responsible for any losses or damages that you or members of your party may cause to the property or its contents. You are required to report immediately any damages to the property key holder or to us and to bear the cost of repair or replacement. Should you or any member of your party behave unrespectfully towards the property, its contents and the neighbours, we or anyone acting on our behalf or the key holder have the right to ask all guests to vacate the property immediately.

We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to terminate or curtail your stay if your behaviour is likely, in our reasonable opinion or anyone acting on our behalf or that of the key holder, to cause distress, damage, annoyance and danger to other individuals or to any third party, or their property.


Entertainment parties and functions involving a large amount of invitees are strictly prohibited, unless fully approved by the property key holder in advance and notified to us (venue fees may apply). Should you make an unauthorised use of the property in such a way, we or anyone acting on our behalf or the key holder have the right to ask all guests to vacate the property immediately and your security deposit will be fully forfeited, until all applicable claims are fully assessed by the owner.


Neither the owner of the property nor us can be held responsible for any accident or injuries occurred to any or all guests during their stay at the property under any circumstances.


Children are generally welcomed in our properties. However, some property owners apply certain child age restrictions. It is your duty to notify us if there will be any children (and their exact age) in the party, before finalising a booking.

  1. PETS

Pets are generally not accepted in our properties. If you want to bring one with you, please check with us first to have authorization from the owner. If accepted, you will be asked for an additional security deposit.


All our photographs are intended to provide an overall impression rather than, details of a specific property. The Company is not liable for any items of furniture or chattels, which appear in the photographs, which may have been changed or removed from the property and any aspects of the property surrounding environment, which may have changed since the photographs were taken.


The swimming pool, when available, will be kept clean and operational by the property staff. If your rental period is before 1st June or after 15th October, please check with us if the swimming pool will be operational. An additional charge may apply for operating the pool heating system, if available.

Some, but not all, properties will provide pool towels for guest use. Beach towels are usually not provided.


The property will be cleaned at the beginning of the rental period, before your arrival. General maid service is normally provided on a daily basis and linen/towel change are provided twice a week, unless agreed differently at the time of booking.


Most of our properties provide at least two hours daily maid service, including twice weekly change of bed linen and bath towels. Should you require extra maid service, please advise us at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee availability at any time but we will do our utmost to satisfy your request. All quoted charges will need to be prepaid at the time of booking the specified extra service. A third party cleaner is not allowed to have access to the property at any time.


Most properties do not provide cook service unless specified otherwise. Should you require a private cook or a caterer, please advise us at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee availability at any time, but we will do our utmost to satisfy your request. All quoted charges will need to be prepaid at the time of booking the specified extra service. A third party private cook or caterer is not allowed to have access to the property at any time.


Please note that some of our properties are located on smaller islands with existing problems of drought. Therefore, water is a commodity to be used sparingly during the summer months. If you experience a shortage of water, we will do everything we can in time to re-establish its supply or arrange for a temporary supply.

Electricity can also be disrupted, normally for a short period of time. However, we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience created by events beyond our control.


Please note that some of our properties do not have telephone nor Internet services, unless specified otherwise. In this case, we strongly recommend to travel with at least one mobile phone. When Satellite TV and/or Internet service is provided at the property, we cannot guarantee we will be able to re-establish the connection in case of a technical problem beyond our control, such as a faulty line from the local telephone company. Some properties feature internet at extra cost.


Valuables left at the property are at the clients’ risk. Neither us nor the key holder or the property staff can be held responsible for their loss, misplacement or robbery at any time. Some of our properties offer a safety box.


In the event of any dispute concerning the terms and conditions of this agreement, the parties agree that any such disputes shall be settled at the Courts of Athens (Greece) in accordance with the Laws of Greece.


The price for yacht charter (accommodation rate)   includes  use of vessels and equipment according to the applicable Price list, bedlinen, auxiliary rowboat, gas, autopilot, GPS, usual  services  provided by the Charter base at the time of check- in and check-out ,mooring expenses in the registry port. Yacht charter price (accommodation rate) does  not include fuel, marina and mooring expenses in ports  outside the registry port, port taxes and other fees.
After the yacht charter reservation has been confirmed, which  is valid only if provided in writing, the payment is to be made  as follows:

Taking the boat into possession is effective once the payment in full has been completed.
If you fail to make the 50% advance payment to the scheduled date, the stated company shall be entitled to cancel the booking.

Upon the payment of the 50% booking rate , the Client agrees to these General terms  and Conditions  for Onboard Accommodation Service and vessel features.
Additional services  shall be charged according to the applicable price-list (e.g. transfers from the airport, auxiliary engine, spinnaker, gennaker, one-way deposits, skippers etc.) and they must be confirmed in writing not later than 7 days before the embarkation.
Should the Client request to engage a skipper and/or a hostess, this must be specified when booking has been confirmed.
The copies  of navigation license and VHF  certificate must be submitted at the time of booking, and  the crew list  will be required  not later than one week before the commencement  of accommodation service. It will be useful to send the notice on the hour of arrival and the flight number should the Client arrive by plane one week before the commencement of the charter service on-board.


In the event of the Client’s cancellation of the booked accommodation on-board due to any  reason whatsoever, he/she shall be obliged to notify our company in writing, and in respect, he shall be charged for amend as follows:

The date of the receipt of the cancellation notice in writing shall be the basis for the settlement of the stated cancellation charges.
Should the Client’s cancellation be caused by other objective reasons whatsoever (serious damage of the vessel during prior bookings), the Client shall be reimbursed by:


All our  vessels are covered with an insurance up to the deposit amount according to the Price List for the current year. The insurance policy covers Compulsory Passenger Insurance and Compulsory Third Party Insurance. Personal property of passengers is not covered with insurance and any damage incurred due to gross negligence, or with the plain intention by the Client, shall not be the subject to insurance compensation.

A) DEPOSIT – Before the delivery of the vessel, the Client is expected to pay the security deposit in cash or by credit card (Visa, Amex, Master Card, Diners) in EURO currency. After completing the charter-party, the security deposit shall be reimbursed in full, unless any damage on the vessel or damage or loss of any item of the vessel equipment has been found. Otherwise, the deposit shall be kept in the equivalent value of the repair or the purchase value of the damaged and/or lost equipment.  If a skipper is engaged by THE COMPANY, the Client will be required to pay the security deposit. In that case, the paid deposit cannot be used to cover any damage incurred due to the skipper’s negligence and poor navigation of the vessel and equipment.

B) NO-RETURN SECURITY DEPOSIT – It is possible to require the payment of no-return deposit according to the applicable Price List.

C) Should the Client wish to undertake sailing out of the boundaries of the territorial waters of Greece, he shall be required to inform THE COMPANY as soon as possible in order to ensure an additional vessel. The Client shall be charged for the said costs and expenditures. The information about the sailing out of the boundaries of the territorial Greek waters is to be confirmed in writing timely, but not later than 45 days prior to the starting date of the accommodation service period.

D) SEA DAMAGE and major breakdown – If during the charter service period any damage has been incurred due to normal wear and tear, the Client shall be entitled and obliged to provide any repair up to the value of EUR 150.00, which shall be reimbursed to the Client after the delivery of the vessel to the base. If the breakdown has been removed within the period of 24 hours, the Client shall not be entitled to require any reimbursement. If the damage cannot be removed along the way and requires the returning of the sailboat to the base, an early return of the vessel shall be organized in order the vessel can be repaired and timely prepared for the next accommodation service. The Client shall be entitled to the reimbursement proportional to the number of lost service days if the breakdown on-board has been incurred due to the fault of THE COMPANY. Otherwise, the Client cannot expect the compensation of costs thereof and he shall be required to compensate any additional costs related to the finding of a substitute vessel. In the event of major damage and sea damage, loss of the vessel, injury to persons, the Client shall notify THE COMPANY and shall strictly adhere the instructions of the representatives of our company. The damage that has not been reported shall be considered as caused fully by the Client, therefore, due and payable by the Client.


The vessel delivery takes place on Saturday from 2 pm.
The Client shall deliver a verified original voucher with all the Client’s data and the charter service period along with the original navigation license, i.e. the VHF certificate to the representative of THE COMPANY. The vessel must be delivered with full fuel and water tanks and it is expected to be returned in the same condition as first delivered. During the vessel delivery procedure the Client will be required to inspect the inventory along with the representative of THE COMPANY and confirm the condition of the vessel with his signature. The same procedure shall be referred to the devices on-board. Any  subsequent  complaints  will  not  be  accepted,  provided  that the  good  working  order  and the full equipment of the vessel have been established and signed during delivery procedure. Any possible concealed defects or deficiencies of the vessel, which could not have been expected by our agency, shall not entitle the Client to claim for the reduction of the charter rate. THE COMPANY may request from the Client to demonstrate by navigating the vessel his/her competency to sail the yacht in presence of  THE COMPANY representatives. The costs associated therewith shall be borne by the Client and the testing time shall be included in the charter period of the vessel. If, after inspection, THE COMPANY is of the opinion that the Client is not, or may not be competent to be in charge of the vessel, an official skipper shall be engaged and the Client will be charged for his services according to the Price List. Should the Client refuse to accept the designated skipper, he shall be prohibited to leave the port, the Agreement shall be terminated and the paid charter rate shall be kept without right to compensation of damage.


Return of the vessel takes place on Saturday not later than 9 am. In the event of racing regatta charter, the return shall take place not later than on Friday at 6 pm.
At the time of return of the vessel, the items of the inventory list must be checked as well as the fuel tank. The Client agrees to submit the bill of the last tank filling service.
If the fuel tank is not full, the Client shall be charged for the missing fuel enlarged for the tank filling service, and for a damage up to the sum of the security deposit, if any have been found during the vessel inspection. Otherwise,  the  security  deposit  shall  be returned to the Client. The Client is obliged to return the vessel with emptied septic tanks.

If the vessel is not returned to the agreed destination port, the Client shall pay all the costs for the vessel transfer to the destination port designated and the penalty, as prescribed, for any delay that may have been incurred.

Any delayed return of the vessel due to weather conditions shall not be acknowledged, for it is necessary to keep the vessel during the last 24 hours of the accommodation service period at an adequate distance from the charter base. Any delay longer than 1 hour shall be charged at the double rate of the daily charter service as well as any costs resulting from the inability to deliver the vessel on time to the following Client.

The Client wishing for any reason whatsoever to extend the stay on-board must notify  our agency in order to check out the further availability of the vessel for accommodation  and to obtain the necessary documentation (charges for additional days, crew list extensions, registration of foreign nationals at the Police Dept., Tourist Board, etc.).


The Client undertakes:


THE COMPANY shall be obliged to deliver the vessel in good working order, cleaned and with full fuel and water tanks. In case of inability to deliver the booked vessel at the arranged time, the Client shall be entitled to request the refund on account of such, as the maximum, 24-hour delay, in the amount equivalent to one day of charter period, but in case of any delay exceeding 24 hours the vessel of equivalent or similar features will be delivered to the Client.
Should the Client not wish to accept the substitute vessel, but decides to wait for the delivery of the booked  vessel, he may claim for the sum equivalent to the number of days of the vessel  being unavailable.


The Client shall be entitled to file complaints only in writing, signed personally and by a representative of  THE COMPANY on the completion date of the charter service. The Client may claim for compensation at the time of check-out only with a complaint in writing and appertaining documentation signed by the Client and a representative of THE COMPANY.
If requests of the Client cannot be solved at the time of check-out, they are to be submitted in writing within the period of 14 days. Otherwise, they shall not be taken into consideration.

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